Who is today'$ VAL meant to help?

  • The owner thinking to retire but does not know the value of their business or where to start.
  • The entrepreneur searching to buy a business and needs an affordable valuation tool.
  • A financial team member of an owner to help their client get a ballpark estimate of what the business could sell for prior to spending thousands of dollars.
  • The curious owner interested to see how well their business is doing... today'$ VAL is that affordable!

What will be a major economic transition over the next several years?

As baby boomers retire, Mainstreet could face a tsunami of change
Andrew J. Sherman, special to CNBC.com

  • Baby boomer business owners are retiring in record numbers, fueling a dramatic paradigm shift on Main Street.
  • Boomers own 2.34 million small businesses in the U.S., employing more than 25 million people.
  • Many are at a crossroads and need to determine if they will be selling their business or passing it on to a successor.
  • But a recent survey by Wilmington Trust shows that more than 58% of small business owners have no transition or succession plan.

How many owners know the value of their business... Not many!

  • What if an owner could determine an extremely close estimation of value of their business for less then $500 dollars? 
  • today'$ VAL is the only business valuation software that performs the valuation in minutes!

What professionals will financially benefit from this economic transition? 

  • Wealth Managers, Financial Advisors, C.P.A.’s, Business Brokers and Consultants, Attorneys of Law in Estate Planning, Business and Civil litigation and many others! 

What if you could provide a business client or prospective client with a ballpark estimate of what their business is worth so they can start the exit planning process? 

  • Are you now more valuable to the client? ABSOLUTELY!
  • Could you earn more income providing this additional service? ABSOLUTELY!
  • If the valuation tools were simple but extremely professional, is it a no-brainer? YES!
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY!! Would your client need to engage a third party for the information? NO!

How does a professional quickly estimate what a business is worth?

There are two schools of thought within the Business Brokerage Industry to estimate a business valuation, but both rely on industry specific, documented closed transactions.

  • Percentage of Annual Sales
  • Industry Multiplier to Seller Discretionary Earnings (S.D.E.) or Owner’s Benefit.

What business valuation tool is used by industry professionals?

  • VAL 4.2 S.D.E. easily calculates an Indication of value to provide the professional a ballpark value or range for a current or prospective clients’ business.
  • VAL 4.2 S.D.E. is a value added service that provides the professional a new income stream or competitive advantage in procuring new clients.

Is this a Business Certified Appraisal?

No! It is an Indication of Value that estimates what a business is worth.

  • Business Valuation is not an exact science. It is based on judgment, experience, and relevant information. It is important to select a well-qualified professional with extensive experience in valuating all types of organizations.
  • VAL 4.2 S.D.E. provides specific data for many popular mainstreet industries.  If you specialize in an industry not listed, please click on  "Submit an Industry" on our home page or click here https://www.todaysval.com/submit-an-industry